June 2012 - Juiceboxforyou

Feature: Without the hole…

There is a new breed of car enthusiasts, some of you may be reading this and laughing while others might agree, as Ireland experiences some sort of melt down, which we won’t go on about, a new collection of enthusiasts who are armed with the websites, blogs, and forums are starting to come up through the ranks pretty quickly. The Polo has always been a car which has mostly taken a back seat to the rest of the Volkswagen family, most of the time when these were “modified”… well you can probably picture what it would have looked like…..

Juicebox TV: Punchestown 2012

Punchestown 2012 in video…

Click here if it does not work in your country, make sure to watch in HD. Cheers!

Event: Punchestown 2012

The second round of Prodrift took place at Punchestown. This year all of the elements were very un-Irish. The track was long and fast as hell, and the heat was definitely borrowed from Spain or somewhere warm for the weekend. Getting scorched in the unfamiliar sun was something you couldn’t really complain about as cars did one or two laps of a set of tires. It was a nice sight to behold indeed.


Events: Good old Rally of the Lakes…

You could write forever about Killarney, everyone knows just how infamous the whole rally of the lakes is amongst the car scene; mostly it’s a bad vibe, if you ever plan on going down to the lakes, and you may as well leave your car enthusiasm at home. Now that’s not a bad thing, this whole little feature was never planned, the lakes is infamous for messing, it’s pretty much why most people make the trip down to Kerry from around the country.