April 2012 - Juiceboxforyou

Juicebox TV: The Siege of Ennis

Prodrift Round 1 2012: The siege of Ennis PT1

After a somewhat silent winter it was nice to see the crowds and drivers arrive at Ennis. We all know what the recession is doing to the car scene, every Evo, skybus and Silvia has been replaced by TDI power, which in ways has brought some interesting stuff as people explore new car platforms but the fuel prices and Tax has and loss of jobs has crippled pretty much a mega chunk of the Irish scene. This is why I have to give the utmost respect to any driver competing this year….


Feature: Freshly Squeezed

The owner of this car over thinks, but this is possibly one of his best qualities, the attention to detail in this car is stunning, and only get better. It takes Barry a long time to think about where a sticker should be placed, what colour, if it will stick out too much, clash with other colours on the car, look right and be in the right place. I love this about Barry and his perception of how a car should look. The amount of thought that goes into each part of the car would scare most people but it’s what has helped him to slowly craft one of the best EK9’s in Ireland.


Random Juice: Runx

Spotted this beast awhile back outside an off license in Naas, rocking some Rays TRD sports T3’s and a nice kit. Awesome!

Feature: Black Eyed Five

In Ireland, a country heavily influenced by Rallying, many of the Impreza and Lancer evolutions which have been roaming the streets since the days of been brought in from Japan have had a very reserved following. Quite a lot of the owners usually theme the cars loosely on a rally style or keep the cars very subtle and almost stock exterior when it comes to exterior modifications.