February 2012 - Juiceboxforyou

Juicebox TV: The Hunt For Perfection

Most of you should know this car by know, in my eyes its one of the best EG6s this country has ever seen, with its unique front end conversion from a DC2 to its brown paint job which was unheard of in Ireland when car was sprayed, sparking others to go down a similar route. The car has always been progressing towards the perfect car, daily driven on some of the most horrible roads in Ireland and sitting low enough to look amazing, I have nothing but respect for Jackie and his quest to build his ultimate Civic. Wr put this video together, just to showcase how it looks at present, but believe me this will just keep evolving and help push the car scene in the right direction.

Juicebox TV: Its not dead yet!

Garage Life: Rust never sleeps

It was a pretty surreal sight, with so much love these days for the AE86 all around the world, especially with the launch of the FT-86, its pretty obvious by now what kind of a status this chassis has amongst car enthusiasts. Seeing an N2 arched GT Apex left for dead in a field is something you dont come across that often. This one ended its faith with the front end colliding with something twisting the entire right chassis leg shock tower and bulkhead.


Feature: Subtleties

This car was something of a rumour, not a whole lot spoken about it amongst the forums or between people, the owner Jason wanted to unveil the car at the right time when he felt it was ready. The car is just another one of these reasons why Ireland can be awesome, sure it rains quite a lot and everyone is miserable, but aside from all this Jason went and built one of the coolest two door KE70’s I’ve ever come across on both the internet and in the real world. I took a trip with a friend to see this car, we drove for miles along tiny little back roads and I wasn’t really expecting anything, which was a good thing. In Ireland you never really know what to expect when someone tells you about a car, as we rolled up to Jason’s house which is pretty much on the side of a mountain, my jaw dropped, I was truly speechless, I hope you can share the same feeling by checking out this feature on one of the coolest well executed Corolla builds this country has ever seen.


Random Juice: The Dying breed

A tasty looking drift slag!


Feature: From Rags to Riches

The phrase “from rags to riches” was the last thing I wanted to call this feature, but the more Peter told me the story I couldn’t believe how the car had turned out. Eventually I realised after trying to come up with something a little bit more imaginative, this car truly earned the title. The common build we see in the United States of a bog standard civic being converted into a flawless masterpiece in both the exterior and interior is really something that has only started to come around over here in Ireland over the last few years.