2012 January

Juicebox TV: Prodrift 2012

The dates have been announced and its shaping up to be another enjoyable year for Irish drifting with the usual favourite places and a date announced in the north! Roll on the good times!

Event: Mondello Drift Day 15-1-12

Sunday the 15th of January saw another drift practise day at Mondello park. The best thing about these drift days is pretty much any type of contraption can be seen on the track along with skill level.Pretty much anyone with a rear wheel drive car can enjoy an open pit all day and a tyre changing service. With the rising cost of tax, petrol and pretty much everything else in Ireland, we are seeing more and more cars hitting the track never to return to the road again.


Feature: Iconic Attire

We found a nice piece of abandoned road, a perfect location that¬†Takumi himself would be happy with, this car will be completely different soon so we decided it was right to feature the Trueno as it looks now, sporting an Iconic attire. The car is almost looked like a perfect replica of Takumi’s car from the infamous Initial D, a manga cartoon which¬†Takumi Fujiwara, an eighteen year old who helps his father run a tofu shop by making deliveries every morning, the deliveries are made in the AE86 and have spawned an array of stages where illegal street racers challenge Takumi in his humble Trueno. Initial D is one of the reasons why the AE86 has become so popular over the last ten years across the world. The Panda colour scheme of a Zenki Trueno sporting some Watanabe wheels instantly reminds people of Initial D.


Random Juice: Whoops!

I’m sure many of you have been here before.

Random Juice: The land of cheese

On a drive through the land of cheese aka Michelstown Co Cork we stumbled upon this stunning Gold GTR as it pulled out of a service station and headed off down the road. Like a child over reacting we tried our hardest to track down the owner in the next 30 minutes just to have a chat with him as you don’t see these beauties very often on the roads any more due to the Irish government screwing people for Tax. After a bit of help we managed to track down the owner and have a small chat, took a photo of the car which is one of the nicest BNR32’s we’ve ever come across sitting on a set of CST Hyper wheels I haven’t seen to many pairs of over the years seen here an a very delicious offset. Always nice to be surprised by a 32 GTR, and even better when its a stunner, more on this work in progress over the coming year!

Car Spotting: The Coolest Run around?

When most people think of a run around car, especially in the Irish car scene they wind up purchasing something cheap and efficient, something that gets them from A to B that little bit cheaper whilst the pride and joy parked up. When I found out this AE92 was a run about I was shocked.


New years Driftfest at Watergrasshill

So its a new year, and weve taken a little sort of break from the website, mainly because life got a little hectic. What better way to start the new year with a bit of drift action. We trucked down towards Watergrass hill for the driftfest which has been gaining some serious steam each time this event. It makes for an exciting watch as pretty much any type of rear wheel drive car can be seen tearing it up with a driver of any skill level.

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