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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone who has supported us!




Oval pleasures…

Carelessness is great enemy

Its amazing just how good the older generation of Toyota’s have aged, with everything being so mass produced these days and designed by a team or panel, the older more humble econo cars of the eighties with their simplistic designs for some reason get better with age. Who would have thought a Corolla wagon would have this much of a presence thirty two years later with the addition of a few bits and pieces?

JuiceboxTV I Plain and Simple

Feature: Plain and Simple

For Ireland, a car like this is somewhat ahead of its time… It’s almost a vision of what someone will do in twenty years from now, when there won’t be a whole amount of these Nissans on the road… Everything about this car is not the ordinary guise for an s14 Silvia… The car is not covered in cable ties, doesn’t have ropey panels and isn’t what you would call a drift slag, which by all means is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but what is awesome about this car is how it was planned out and built, everything is super subtle and looks almost factory.


Dark Moist Missions..

There is always something so exciting about street activity in cars… waiting for that right moment to make your move…


The Day we were given the GT 86

A couple of weeks back Paddy and I got a chance to shoot and play with the GT86, I have to admit, the car has grown on me in a massive way over the last couple of months, with the amount that are being modified in Japan and the USA, and getting a chance to see Freddy Asabo’s example at Japfest, the cars have a truck load of potential waiting to be unlocked.


Feature: Lone Soldier

The one thing that always gets me excited about running this website is the amount of surprise cars which pop up that I just have to see in person. Ireland is action packed full of surprise builds. Owners who really build cars for themselves are what get me excited the most. Similar to the KE70 we featured a few months back, this RX7 appeared on the internet out of nowhere and when it appeared in my news feed I had to find out its story. Throughout the boom Ireland purchased its fair share of these beauties but the common feeling amongst people towards these cars is fear, due to the Rotary engine set-ups which was a relatively new thing to Ireland… Most car enthusiasts would have a fear of these cars because of the high maintenance which would steer people most of them away from ever really touching such an incredible looking chassis.


HCR : Night Mover

The 32 skyline has to be one of the nicest pieces of eye candy to ever come from Japan…. so little is needed to create such a timeless look..Those classic tails, one of the most iconic rear ends known to the car scene worldwide…. Much of the mature generation was introduced to it Via car games outside of Japan, and the younger Via the internet and another feeding of car games…. I’ve always had an insane fondness towards the HCR32, its like the misfit little brother of the GTR… On a casual cold night I tracked down one of the nicer local examples for a quick photoshoot….


Garage Wang

Eight Six Love Affair: Video Coming Soon

Our new Video Project is coming very soon… Watch this space!

Feature: Five Star Rating

Ah yes, the Rps13….. a chassis know to pretty much any person who has an interest in Japanese cars, otherwise referred to as the 180sx or the 200sx/240 depending on where you are reading this from. This chassis was made for ten years and has dominated the drift scene for pretty much the same amount of time. I have no doubts that the RPs13 will have as much of a cult following for the next thirty years as the AE86 following has shaped into at the minute, both cars are perfect mascots for the activity we love so much…. The s13 chassis is easily one of the best FR platforms to ever come out of Japan.


Natural Kick