Event: Casey Furlong Memorial Drift Day

Event: Casey Furlong Memorial Drift Day

I unfortunately never had the opportunity of Meeting Casey Furlong myself, but from what I have been told from close friends he was the center of attention, a person who brought drifting and fun to a farm yard just outside of Tullow in County Carlow. This was the second memorial day held for him, the yard itself runs a drag and drift day almost every second week for people to let loose on each other or themselves with whatever type of car they feel. What I love about this place is the freedom, its almost like the last little slice of chaos this country has to to offer without things being too out of hand. Every decent day that is held in the yard has never dissapointed and this second year event to remember a close friend of the organisers went down a treat.

The guys have been running this yard for over two years now and it has been a great success. For the memorial event Chris and the guys decided to run a drift battle and I have to admit I was very impressed with how they used the space, after all its just a rectangular yard and they managed to mark out a very impressive little drift course for people to compete on.

From well skilled drivers to people who were first timers, this was a proper grassroots event, something that this country needs a lot more of if you ask me.

With no real rules or regulations it brought a proper selection of cars and entertainment. Anything could happen and with different skill levels and going head to head it kept the crwod entertained for hours.

Some of the people I admired on the day were people like Matty who used his road car in the event, with no experience of drifting in any sort of competition or twin drifting with other drivers he did a damn good job on the day, big respect to him and the others who just said fuck it and went for it!


The track had enough of a challenge to get people to push themselves.

With the competition well under way, we decided to take a walk around the carpark and other parts of the yard to see if there was anything to check out. In the distance the quality Irish weather we love so much was getting closer by the minute!

Lowered hmmm?

This Evo 8 was looking pretty damn cool.

I keep seeing this lately, its no secret that people in the Irish car scene are in love with DC shoes, its everywhere now. Funnily enough so many people put the logo on backwards!

Get low

Its always nice to see an SXE10 on anything but standard wheels.

Was very surprised to see the RB320 at the event, what an awesome car.

Damn this 8 is a beauty.

AH yes….

You just have to laugh at this.

What a beast.



The crowd was still keeping their eyes peeled on what was turning into a proper heated grassroots drift event.

Oh no!

The menacing missile lurking in the shadows….

Pretty in pink

Damn it was a nice surprise to see the BN sports 180 at the event. What a lovely example of the perfect looking 180sx slide wagon.

This cresta is too badass for everything. What an touch looking four door.

Teejay’s 32 was a stark contrast to Willy’s shiny meister wearing Datsun.

Smoke Machine!

Filled with win. Anything to do with Ueo and sift is always amazing.

It was a little disheartening to see the owner hop the J-blood front bumper off of cones all night.

There was also a show and shine section, but this kept grabbing my attention, it was the perfect looking Trueno. Less is more…..

This Supercharged Levin was another image of beauty, Deep dish meshes and Crystal Body Yokohama arches looked fantastic against the silver body.

Just before the rain decided to come and say hello, the JZX100 smoke machine was out lighting up tires.

Eventually the sky started to cry which just made things a little bit more interesting and unpredicatble.

Matty made it through to the top 16 in his head to Tesco s15, what a man!

Eddie Flying the flag for Casey and defending his home turf.

Pink Vs Yellow, something you done see everyday.

Adrian Walsh was on a mission in what has to be one of the toughest looking coupes this world has ever seen.

The final battle was a very heated door to door finisher. Eddie defending home turf against the yellow monster. Paint was traded and despite the horrid weather the crowd stuck around and enjoyed a proper good finish to a spectacular little event to remember a lost friend.

In the end Adrian took the win and both drivers lit up the back tires because who doesn’t love a good burnout?

Which was then followed by a threesome, I have to admit the guys put together a spectacular day. For such a small place they have been doing their friend who im sure is looking down on them proud with the amount of events they have put together and how successful they have been over the last couple of years. All of the donations that were given on the day have gone to Caseys three year old son, its great to see the car scene come together for such things like this. Its a place that you cant help but be impressed with, how a bunch of friends came together and have created such a good thing. I’m sure Casey and what he has left behind will be cherished for many years to come with places like Tullow and Caseys Yard for his friends and new comers to have the craic and enjoy what he would have been doing himself. The guys would like to thank everyone who made the effort of showing, their help and support is what made this all possible. Hopefully you will be back next year, we know we will!



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  • ken says:

    great write up lad you couldn”t of done more its mint i think you captured just about every aspect of the day,,,,, and a massive tanz from all involved with caseys drifters,,,,

  • Eric says:

    nice shots. looks like a very cool event… inside and around some barns! sweet.

    Eric drift camera