Videos: Shuto Kousoku Trial the series.

Videos: Shuto Kousoku Trial the series.

If your pondering the internet bored this evening you should sit down grab some food and enjoy this classic snippet of early Japanese street racing. Megalopolis Expressway Trial or Shuto Kousoku is a series of films about illegal street racing on the Shuto Expressway in Japan released between 1988 and 1996.

The films were made through one of the most popular eras of street racing in Japan, a time where Mid Night Club became one of the most respected street racing car clubs in Japan. This films was banned in Japan when it was released due to its illegal street racing content and pro Illegal racing story and are believed to have heavily influenced things like Initial D and Wangan Midnight and across the other side of the world games like Midnight Club, Need for speed and the one we all know oh so well… The Fast and the Furious. These films are a million times better then any fast and the furious as its all about the racing and not about Toretto and his DVD players. So sit back and enjoy some cheesy 80’s Japanese acting and a really bad story and watch Rokuoo in his R30 trying to become a Japanese racing legend!

Be sure to check out 2,3,4 which were produced and starred in by the Drift king himself Keiichi Tsuchiya.Part one of each is listed below, I’m sure by know everyone knows how to find the other parts.

Hit the full screen and Enjoy!

Part 1 of the second movie, with an awesome opening scene with Tsuchiya drifitng the R32.

The first part of the third movie. You will be surprised to find the amount of acting Tsuchiya has done in these films!

This should do for now to get you sorted, part one of the fourth movie. They really are an enjoyable bit of film to watch if you enjoy your Japanese cars. The acting isn’t exactly up to Dicaprio spec but hey who cares?



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  • JDMrob says:

    These films are savage, watched one to three on google video about six months ago, theres a animal jza70 supra one of the bad guys drives

  • tyl3rhez says:

    I loved the way people used to build cars!!! so much passion, and sweat put into building a rocket!!!
    kinda sad how everyone is so focused on stance and being slow now :/