2011 September

Random Juice: Ireland can be nice sometimes

With it already pushing towards october, 2011 will go down with many as one of the most terrible years for a summer ever. You have bad weather and an even worse state of economy nocking on your door, many people are hitting the ejecto seato left right and center but aside from all that bullshit you get a day every once in a while which makes you happy, makes you proud that your from Ireland without having to leave the countr. We all have them days, the days that you think to yourself “hey, its not such a bad place when the sun comes out”. Cruising down the N25 we were graced by the sun which as rare as it has become these days it popped out to say hello. As as a gift the sun was, a beautiful example of a ST205 was gracefully driving along next to us, It was then that I had one of those moments the moment where you smile and say fuck this can be a nice place to live one the sun comes out! The sunset against gleaming black body of the GT Four is a memory ill have for some time to come.

Event: Prodrift Finale 2011

Its hard to think that another year of Prodrift has passed us so quickly. To be fair we were off to a fantastic start with Ennis weather wise. The typical Irish early good weather which results in a summer of rain as punishment, this didnt stop competition and even though Juicebox didnt make it to two of the events the finale in Mondello more than made up for it.


What the Fuck Wednesday: More then you can afford pal

So its been a while and a half since we did a what the Fuck Wednesday, not to fear this Ferrari collection should make up for things. Especially with v12 porn like the picture above….


Event Japfest PT2

What I love about Japfest is the amount of racing and activities that are on throughout the day as well as the show thats inside the paddock. It can be a somewhat overhwleming task to cover everything as you have time attack, Prodrift, drag racing and track time on all at the same time. There’s something for everyone.


Event: Japfest 2011 PT1

So it has to be openly said this was one of the best events the country had seen in a long time. The most important part was the amount of effort people put in the make it to the show.The recession was winning the battle and probably still is in many minds when it comes to cars. Things were looking very gloomy but I have to admit, heatwave and then Japfest brought a very positive vibe back into the scene.


Event: Japfest Carpark watch 2011

It has to be said that Japfest 2011 was such a good day, not because team need for speed came to town… which don’t get me wrong was a good part of it too, the amount of people and cars that showed up was really something. It just goes to show that the scene is still holding it down regardless of this economic bullshit. Everyone should give themselves a pat on the back for effort. The car park usually has just as much interesting machines as the show your attending, that’s why here at Juicebox we love lurking the car park to see what the people are driving.


Video: Juicebox BBQ: The Squeeze 2011

Event: Juicebox BBQ: The Squeeze 2011

So we decided to get a bunch of friends together and have a Juicebox BBQ, a sort of thank you to everyone who has been down for the website and what we are doing over the last year or so. Things have been growing strongly with the site and its scary to think of just many people are down with the Box. The weather was on our side in what has to have been the worst summer in a very long time but we managed to get a good cross section of cars which that pretty much represented what the website is all about. As someone stated in the comments from the heatwave coverage, here at Juicebox were all about Photoshopped wheels on second hand cars from a dealership. Take a look and you will see what we mean.


Feature: That Works 9 s14

Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming when you think back at all the cars that were bought through auction from one small enough country and sent to another little country. The fact that Japan still has enough of its own cars to enjoy and smash makes you wonder just how many cars they really have. From roughly around the start of the millennium right up until about two years ago the Japanese import business was booming in Ireland. So many snippets of Japanese culture flooded the docks of Dublin. Pieces of someone else life their history, something they had worked hard on and shared memories in right across the other side of the world. So much of what came into Ireland was shrouded with mystery, where I would often finding myself sitting with friends and someone will say ” you would really wonder what happened in this car back in Japan, where it went, what it done” its a piece of conversation that comes up at least once a month.


Web Mining: Tissues on standby…

3rd gen accord sitting on Watanabes. That is all.