2011 August

Event: Heatwave 2011 PT2

Like we were saying in part 1 it really seemed like the standard has suddenly rose for the quality of cars in the country at shows. Looking around you had a good variety of super clean interesting builds like this IS bagged on SSR Vienna’s. What an amazing car, its nice to see people go down the VIP route, something that hasn’t been explored to much yet in Ireland.


Event: Heatwave 2011 PT1

So it has to be said Heatwave 2011 actually turned out a lot better then we had expected. Its no secret that Ireland is filled with nice cars. Properly built clean cars exist and many times over the years going to shows these cars would never be on show, in fact most of the time it would be the exact opposite, with only a handful of cars on display which would make you look twice. Not taking away from the work of some people but the car scene has definitely changed and it was only a matter of time until the shoes would reflect this. It was certainly a different line up of cars compared to lets say 2005!


What the Fuck Wednesday: The JZX100 Taxi

Everyone knows just how boring motorways can be when your trying to get from A to B, its the same thing over and over with no real entertainment. This JZX100 taxi yeah that’s right, a Toyota Chaser JZX100 was cruising just up ahead but something looked a small bit out of place so we decided to catch up and really couldn’t believe what we were seeing!


Event: Heatwave 2011 car park watch


So its that time again where we take a look at what you drive to the shows, this gives a good look into whats going on out there and usually you end up finding some cool stuff which you wouldn’t see inside a show itself.


Random Juice: The Arthur Exchange

Its hard I know but whats not to Enjoy this about this lady in rouge. Parked all alone but sitting right on an unusually awesome set of Rays Aurthur Exchange LK VIP wheels.


How can you hate on this shit? The best way to spend money if you run a skate shoe company!

What the Fuck Wednesday: Pimpin Rings Lad

Pimpin rings in an Cobra, Living the good life!

Car Spotting: Robs Mk2

The Mk2 Golf has always been a true favourite amongst car lovers, in the last few years they have become quite scarce site and even quite a few that are left are either a mint GTI something in between or a standard clean example. Rob decided to build this MK2 on a budget, attending college and trying to build any sort of car is definitely not an easy task. Truth being his budget was pretty limited but that didn’t stop him from using his head and turning out an awesome result.


Web Mining: Partner/Orthia Type R

Every now and again a conversation arises where someone will talk about the Honda othria/partner and how its basically an EK estate. I decided tosick up these pictures I had lurking on the hardrive of Partner type R conversion in yes you guessed it Japan.


Titan in Japan: New site

If you get the chance be sure to check out TitanAutoworks newly revamped website.

Random Juice: The RB320

Check this snap from an old photo shoot that is a little heavy on the photoshop side, but besides that the Impreza RB320 is a very cool rare car. Built in memory of Richard Burns who was the 2001 World Rally Champion, the car boasted 320 BHP tuned by Prodrive and only 320 of these were ever made, they sold pretty quick and we managed to come across this one that was bought by an enthusiast in the south east of Ireland, there was almost over a years waiting list for the car and all 320 of them sold out pretty quick. This Impreza easily became a rare collectable alongside the 22B’s RB5’s and P1’s. A nice way to remember one of the worlds greatest rally drivers.

What the Fuck Wednesday: Ae86 Day @ Fuji

This is complete madness, no janspeed or superlite shit here. Turn up and enjoy the insanity that is Japan….

Feature: Mission Accomplished

Happy AE86 day! What better way to celebrate this day then with a car like this. The Levin you are looking at is probably one of the most impressive builds I have ever witnessed with an AE86. These days people seem to have the mentality of adding a set of wheels to a car and stance and a couple of stickers and suddenly there car is something special or different. What I love about this car is the fact that pretty much every inch of the car has been changed, replaced or refurbished. This car wasn’t built to be put on a stand at a car show or to be king of the internet. Many people didn’t even know this 2 door even existed, for the people that did it was like an urban myth hearing what was being done and how much was being spent. The biggest thing I love about this Levin is how it was built to be driven and personally enjoyed, the fact Jerry wasn’t bothered if it was exposed to the world or not is pretty awesome.


Juicebox TV : Mondello Drift Magic

Some footage from the drift day which was held in Mondello the last weekend of July.

Event: Mondello Drift Day

So since there is a nice gap in between the next Prodrift event, Mondello had another track day for drift practice, owners could pay 140 euros to drive on the track all day in pretty much whatever they choose. These days are just as if not more interesting then some of the professional events down to the fact that the track is a mix of Decent and learner driver’s so things can be very unpredictable. Most cars come home with at least one love tap or maybe two…