July 2011 - Juiceboxforyou

Meet: Port Tunnel Run

The most interesting thing about the Irish car scene is the little niches that lurk in every corner of the country, friends and family which are all tied together by a model of a car or a manufacturer. Many people religiously stick to a company with the same type of passion a person would have for a hurling or football team. One of those people is a friend called Rob, he builds but mostly breaks Mitsubishi’s. He has always been telling me that there isn’t enough Mitsubishi’s on Juicebox.


Web Mining: Cruise Celica

The Celica never get the love it deserved over the years, besides the st205 they scrub up very nicely like this example here. Possibly one of the nicest t200 series Celica’s ever? Maybe….

Video: Run the Wall

Looks like proper good fun!

What the Fuck Wednesday: ESB Dragon

Check this rare beauty, apparently this was a show car which the electricity supply board built.


Event: Tullow Drag Days: 17/7/11

I hate to open a post with a picture of rain, but I guess that’s just apart of our culture in Ireland, rain creeps into pretty much any interest or outdoor social event. Its always bound to creep up on you when you least expect it or want it. We decided to make the trip up to Tullow, a place where many of you know by now you can pay to drag race to your hearts content all day till you run out of fuel or maybe something else. We ended up missing Prodrift and Enniskillen due to some unforeseen circumstances, but that’s what happens.


Web Mining: Hard AE82

Damn this 82 is nice, loving the mix matched wheel combo with beefy looking XR4’s up front, clean grill and splitter.

What the Fuck Wednesday: Blind Drifting!

Why pull in and fix your bonnet when you can just keep going? This is nuts!

Random Juice: New shoes

Darren’s DA6 wearing its new Sprint Hart CPR’s.

Feature: Come Clean

Eddy’s MK4 is the perfect example of a clean daily driver done right. Using a formula which has been tried and tested in the US and Europe it pretty much works like a charm when executed correctly. Like we have mentioned here before Juicebox the Mk4 Golf is in plentiful supply throughout Ireland, finding one that makes you look twice in the south is another challenge. Take a look at the MK4 pictured here. Holding it down for MK4’s in the south east of Ireland Eddy’s Golf turns heads, and for the right reasons.


Video: Garage D goes to Gatebil – 2011

This looks nuts…. maybe someday!

Random Juice: Free Pose!

We are always asked to get more female action up on Juicebox, at least we got sort of close on this one. A free pose from a Tracksuit under the influence of Linden Village and possibly Dutch Mold. He was more then eager to get his rear end on camera whilst licking the window in the middle of the photoshoot. This should be enough bum to tie you over until Saturday, when we showcase another very nice Volkswagen on the Juicebox in the form of Eddy’s Bagged MK4.

Stay tuned!!!

Meets: Old School Honda Meet

We decided to take a trip to Portlaoise, its usually the best place for everyone to meet as its a pretty central part of Ireland to get people to show up. The biggest problem it seems these days when it comes to car meet’s is a decent turn up. What was good about this meet was even though there wasnt a crazy turnout the quality of some of the cars that showed up was awesome.


Web Mining: JDM Clio?

Whilst browsing some Japanese Blogs I cam across this rather unusual sight. I’m aware that Japan has a few french and Italian cars but I have never come across a completely Japanese looking Clio. What I mean by this is a white car wearing white what looks to be SSR type C’s with a beefy looking track tire. The car has an mean but OEM look and has been stripped with a full cage. Such an unexpected find! Oh and its LHD for some reason.

What the Fuck Wednesday: The woodruff special

These days its all about having the lowest car, or having something insanley slammed and almost rubbing the ground, but I have to admit the Woodruff special takes the trophy.


Feature: Wolf in wolfs clothing

The R32 is by far one of the most popular cars to come out of Japan. The BNR32GTR is by far one of the best cars ever made; it was almost unbeaten in the N1 category in Japan during its reign of terror. The car really pushed what was possible handling and electronics wise at that time. What is so good about this R32 Skyline is that it started life as an a lower base model, the GTS-T sporting an RB20DET and a Rear wheel drive setup. The lower model R32’s always lived in the shadow of the higher spec GTR model amongst hardcore Skyline Fans, but that didn’t stop anyone’s visions of creating the perfect R32 without having a GTR. This GTS-T was torn down and rebuilt from the ground up.