2011 June

Feature: Raising DA Standard

This DA6 needs no introduction. I’m sure most people throughout the Irish car scene know this car. When Darren was building this car he aimed beyond the standard many people set for themselves here in Ireland, there was no limits or false ceiling.

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What the Fuck Wednesday: The Chrome Bruiser

Nothing too crazy this week, just a “lightly” modified PT Bruiser. It pretty much has every chrome add on you could ever want.


Random Juice: Yellow perfection?

I think many people have that folder on their computer where they have saved cars which jumped out from the computer screen. While looking through my stupidly big stash, this instantly caught my eye and I had to put it on the site. This is pretty much a flawless execution of the EK hatch. Many argue that 16’s are too big for a civic but these Regamasters are absolutely at home under this Yellow EK, which is sitting more then perfect might I ad.


Titan in Japan: 5 Door love at Nikko

Yum yum.

What the Fuck Wednesday: The wish

Hmm a tattered e36?


Random Juice: Forza Love

We were sent some shots of a few cars sporting the Juicebox in Forza 3!


Random Juice: Toyota Yolk

I see this Altezza quite a lot and this time had the camera to take a snap. There’s just something so right about it being yellow and having those Advan Model 5’s poke out like that on the rear.

Web Mining: Ayrton Senna

Damn this needs to hurry up and come out!

In the mean time enjoy some of this..


Random Juice: Car Park Panda

Why hello there panda car!

What the Fuck Wednesday: Car Modification!!!!!!

This has to be the best video ever. Too many gems all cranked into one 7 minute video of pure awesomeness. We should be dealing JK tires real soon on the site as they are the only tire for your shitbox scion stickerd Suzuki Baleno with a turbinator. Enjoy!

Feature: Minty Freshness

The phrase “built not bought” is a common collection of words thrown around in today’s car scene. Many cars proudly wear the sticker and it’s become almost a trend in itself to say your car was built not bought. This car is the true definition of that phrase. The owner of this car Neil wanted to go his own route, always being interested in the JDM/US hatch scene he decided to make his purchase. A 01 Mitsubishi Colt would become his canvas. Ireland has a great deal of love for the Honda and the Toyota, and it’s no lie that these dominate the hatch scene here whilst Honda dominates the Hatch scene in the US. I’ve always wondered what it would be like if an American Honda owner got his hands on a Colt/Mirage and built one with the same love and enthusiasm they seem to have for the Civic, carefully selecting a mixture of performance and OEM parts to build a flawless clean hatch.


Web Mining: 03’s

Who would have known that a clean polo + work equip o3’s would look this awesome.

What the Fuck Wednesday: Mugen Golf GTI

OH no Pedobear is at it again, creating the first Mugen powered Golf GTI to upset the masses.


Juicebox TV: Fermoy Foursome

The magical drift trains and more from Prodrift Round 2 in Fermoy Co Cork 2011

Random Juice: Low but not exactly slow.

Some of you may have seen this photo before of this rear end tucked 32 drifting at Hiroshima At least once a week because I’m a sad individual I find myself going back and staring at this picture, I really just love how nuts this 32 looks with the drag wing, VIP wheels with white centers and the drag wing and for some strange reason the GT bonnet seems to add to the look!