Garage Life: The shed by that mountain

Garage Life: The shed by that mountain

The one thing that never gets old about Ireland, is the quality of cars that are hiding in this country. Just when you think you’ve seen most of them you always hear about something new and are amazed and want to know more. I’m glad we could bring you another installment of yes another shed filled with awesomeness. Heading up a back road in the middle of nowhere and then watching the door slide across to reveal an n2 arched 2 door Levin really is something. The iconic look of an 86 wearing a Dunlop sticker up front is the first thing to hit you. Its great to see true enthusiasts and the place where they pretty much spend most of their free time. Here is another peek into a shed packed with more Toyota goodness.

The owner is a real fan of the AE86. Someone who has been working on this car above for a few years now which will soon enough become the daily driver. I must admit, walking into a shed to see two of the nicest looking 86’s in the country was something indeed. I had taken the trip up with a friend who sorting out the wiring loom on this Levin’s newly acquired 20 valve engine.

The lump which had been pulled out will have a home in the N2 2 door.

The 16 valve will be a nice match for the 2 door coupe.

Check this awesome RS Yasu intake manifold!

Maybe we need to get the guys from Auto garage Loft to tune these freedom ECU’s….

Good old 4A-g engine control…

The old window stamps are pretty cool on the early Hachi’s.

Out back is a rare enough AE92 Levin, but not to fear this one has been used as a donor car for this example inside….

Expect a feature on this in sometime in the near future, not only are ae92 Levins hard to come by but this one is packing a rake of goodies.

Yes, check the deepness of these XR4’s one of the nicest wheels to ever come out of Japan.

Or how about these beautiful looking WEDS southern mesh’s up front.

Tom’s Goodness inside.

Damn this car is too nice…

While I drooled on everything and made a mess, the 20 valve was almost ready to go in the black over graphite Levin.

A newer Levin sits out back, possibly having the same fate as many of its brothers…

The engine, a 4A-GE black top 20 valve which gets pulled out of this FWD model and dumped into the RWD older brother, the AE86. Its such a perfect match for the car and even though the FWD Levin is a great car, it always makes you wonder about how much success the AE86 had, and how Toyota didn’t jump at the opportunity to make all the other models that came after the 86 Rear wheel drive.You could argue that FWD meant cheaper cars to build and maintain, but still I’m sure Toyota would have made that back with sales…….

Lurking at the back is an RA25 Celica which right now has been stripped down on four space savers! The owner has sold this on to someone who will hopefully fully restore it to its former glory. Feeling he had too much on his plate the owner has decided to spend more time building the three Levin’s and give the Celica to someone who will hopefully make this a beauty again.

Looking into the Celica I Spotted this awesome Autoworks magazine sticker on the Celica’s rear bumper. Hopefully this car sees the road again some day, there just isn’t enough of them to stare at!

With every shed or garage comes a massive pile of madness usually taking over one of the walls!

You know your cool when can add Watanabes to the rubbish pile!

Probably to make way for these! The N2 arched coupe will enjoy these new shoes very soon I’m told on Toyo Proxies R888 rubber.

Even the way it sat without the wheels new wheels was more than awesome, the well sought after deep XR4’s will be kept in the collection though. But I’m sure you will find a Juicebox feature on this car wearing the new Watanabe shoes in the near distant future.

After a few hours the 20 valve began to make that distinct note in its new home! I didn’t want to show too many pics of this car until it is finished, then you can truly appreciate one of the meanest looking Corolla’s in the country.

That’s what I love about Ireland, in between farms, cow shit, potholes and rain you might stumble across a shed like this with owner who is as equally interesting. How nice would it feel to know you have these chilling out in the shed! Hope you enjoyed this peek into another AE86 enthusiast’s life! Be sure to check back for features of the three cars in the coming months.

If you have a shed or barn or something like this, we would love to come and check it out!
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