May 2011 - Juiceboxforyou

Prodrift Round 2 2011: Fermoy Carpark Watch

With every decent car Event Ireland, it usually means a somewhat decent selection of cars that have been driven to the event by you, the car enthusiast. This time we went lurking the car at Prodrift Fermoy to see what you guys showed up in, its a g glimpse into what the scene is like at the minute and most of the time we find some good and some bad gems lurking amongst the crowd.

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Car spotting: More like this!

I have to admit, this car is eye catching. The Irish car scene is changing and has been for the last few years, some people will argue that we are years behind the Japanese and the American’s and others will argue against it, because plenty of times cars have popped up around the country that could easily be on par with similar cars around the world. At the end of the day the scene itself will always be filled with mixed emotions on what’s hot and what’s not. What I like about this car is the fact its part of this whole new generation of “JDM” of “OEM” styling. Its like the scene had to get completely crazy with all the insane body kits and coloured interiors, insane ICE installs and 19 inch rims and then someone hit the reset button and it all went back to zero.


What the Fuck Wednesday: 200 M.P.H.

Usually we wouldn’t go ahead and do some sort of a movie review on this website, Wednesday Is usually dedicated to highlighting some of Ireland finer car’s or something to that effect, but this week we just had to talk about 200 MPH the movie. Now I’m sure many of you are like what the fuck? Or maybe your not, either way we have to talk about this film. When fast five came out, everyone was all talk for Vin diesel and The Rock fucking shit up. But holy shit are you in for a treat with this film 200mph movie. You have to read on for more goodness….


Garage Life: The shed by that mountain

The one thing that never gets old about Ireland, is the quality of cars that are hiding in this country. Just when you think you’ve seen most of them you always hear about something new and are amazed and want to know more. I’m glad we could bring you another installment of yes another shed filled with awesomeness. Heading up a back road in the middle of nowhere and then watching the door slide across to reveal an n2 arched 2 door Levin really is something. The iconic look of an 86 wearing a Dunlop sticker up front is the first thing to hit you. Its great to see true enthusiasts and the place where they pretty much spend most of their free time. Here is another peek into a shed packed with more Toyota goodness.


Videos: I Love My 86

Dan Joyce has been putting together some awesome little mini features on people and their affection for the AE86 for Low Brain TV. We decided to stick them all up here for your viewing pleasure. Interviews with people like D-mac, Eric o Sullivan, Julian Smith, Johnny P and Dave in the magical shed of magic.


Random Juice: 3 way

The Japanese sure now how to do a good Volkswagen threesome

Video: The Mazda Story

What the Fuck Wednesday: Twingformer

Looks like we have a sneak preview of the new star of transformers 9.


Feature: Daily Static


One of the best parts of taking photos for a website like this is the variety of cars that you to feature. I remember seeing this Golf Variant at the Portlaoise meet at the start of 2011, amongst many of the cars that attended the meet this white wagon stuck out like a sore thumb. The owner of this car decided after having one of the nicest mk5’s in the country to go ahead and try something different. His canvas of choice was a 1.9 diesel MK4 Golf variant estate.

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Random Juice: Perfect execution

Scrolling through the usual bullshit on Bookface and this magically appeared and made me smile….If it wasn’t for the Irish reg on the Trueno behind this Levin you would probably think its somewhere in Japan because of the infamous petrol station photos we always see. Such a perfectly executed AE86. I know there has been two posted today but whose complaining?

Random Juice: Meister’s x Ae86

This shot of the Blue 86 wearing Meisters at Ennis shot by Michal Metlicka is awesome. Such a nice car that I didn’t get to appreciate enough that weekend.

We Mining: Quattro Win


Feature: Mass Appeal


Finding an s13 like this in Ireland has started to get rare. Years ago the streets were flooded with s-bodies; everyone and their friend drove a Silvia or a 180sx. The recession kicked in and many who drove these cars were out of work and out of money. This led to a sudden change in the value of these cars, which inevitably led to them, being butchered. Ask yourself, how many nice s13’s are on the road today? On top of that how many of these cars are still daily driven?

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Random Juice: Daaayum!!

Simon’s Soarer gets better every time you look at it… true story!

What the Fuck Wednesday: The Sera

The Toyota Sera is a car you might not know about, it did make an appearance in Gran Turismo but so did everything haha. Its a car that rolled off of the assembly line in Japan looking pretty much like a concept car and example above really does look like the the story of that brother kept in the basement, the one that really shouldn’t have been left out…