Video: Japan 2010

Video: Japan 2010



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  • Flip says:

    Thats it, i have decided im movin there…

  • eddie rocket says:

    hell yea !!!!!!!

  • Doofer says:

    I really hope we dont loose future videos like this one after the mess of a last two months theyve had over there… Some place in fairness.. my wet dream…

  • Nez says:

    Yeah its horrible watching what is going on right now and wondering if we will ever make it to Ebisu or Japan for that matter, I hope they sort out that Fukushima plant soon so we don’t have another Chernobyl to look at.

  • frez says:

    epic video….hope japan gets back on its feet to keep this coming wht a country

  • rossieire says:

    what song is this??