Garage Life: Jackie’s DC2 fronted EG6

Garage Life: Jackie’s DC2 fronted EG6

Everybody in the Honda scene pretty much knows this car, it has caused quite the stir amongst people over the last year. This Friday we will have a full feature on this amazing Honda.

The amount of work that has gone into this car is never ending, if you were wondering why we took so long to get this car on the site, the Main reason is Jackie wanted it to be right, even as we speak new wheels are being fitted to the car, I don’t know how he can do it but he always manages to find a way to make it better!

We had some photos of this starting way back on the site and we were eager to get more but that was a harder challenge in itself! The car was painted a colour many wouldnt have dared at the time and he stuck a front end on that most people wouldnt have even dreamed of, and it couldnt have worked any better.

The car was fully stripped down and even though it was an already mint blur EG6 with a DC2 front, Jackie took it a step further doing something many people would never try.

Usually this sticker is stuck on any car these days but it truly meant what it said on this car. Watching it grow over the last few years going away from the usual Honda look and trying something different each time was impressive.

Be sure to check back this Friday when we finally get This EG6 up on the website where it belongs!



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