March 2011 - Juiceboxforyou

What the Fuck Wednesday: Tuning Mania corsa

Following on from last weeks video which im sure many of you have watched to brush up on whats hot in the “tuning scene”, we’ve managed to track down one of the creations from the talented stylists. This Dodge viper (opel corsa) has all the styling features you could ever look for on a “hot hatch” .


Titan In Japan: Roadster happy!

Titan have just fitted the Te37v’s on this roadster in Japan and holy shit does it look good!

Feature: The J’s Racing CRX

Most people in the Honda scene all over the world know this car, its just one of those cars that has been passed around and talked about for years on forum’s and such via photos. After a long and healthy career tearing up race circuits in Japan, this car is now fortunate enough to reside in the extremely capable hands of the Tuning Factory. And where better to shoot this N/A monster than in the workshop that famously maintains it.


This car has the most amazing history of a track car hailing all the way from the land of the rising sun and now the people of Ireland get to witness this amazing spectacle as it sets record times on our home soil.


Drift: D-Mac car unveiling/ NFS launch

Today was the launch of D-Mac’s ae86 and the new NFS shift. The car definitely didn’t disappoint when it rolled in after finally being completed just the night before!


Drift: Mondello Drift Practice/Tsunami Appeal

I was glad to finally get a chance to cover the Mondello practice, which is held once a month at Mondello Circuit. Each time it had been on so far I couldn’t make it due to some nonsense in hospital but seems how everything was getting better, it was good to get out and start covering again! The day definitely lived up to my expectations. Everybody from all different levels of skill had the chance to hit the track and hone their skills.


What the Fuck Wednesday: “Tuningmania”

“Radical machines with aggressive appearances”

Video: Drift Unions – Night Moves

Drift Unions – Night Moves 2010 Video from Shawn Browne on Vimeo.

Looks like an Awesome time…. now whose up for an Irish one?

Drift: Wexican Motorsport Fundraiser Success

Having organised a last-minute fund raiser in aid of the Irish Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal, Wexican Motorsport are proud to announce that the effort was more than worth it, having raised more than double the original target they had set out.

Web Mining: RA288

Enjoy this clip of Hideo Itakura in his RA28 Celica, … especially the final entry. It never gets old!

Drift: Irish Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal

I’ve Just been informed that in aid of the Japan disaster, passenger rides with Martin Ffrench in the Wexican Motorsport Toyota Altezza
will go down at Mondello Park Saturday March 19th 2011.


What the Fuck Wednesday: Mini Phat

Looks kind of cool from the front right? Like old meets new with the whole arch thing?….


Random Juice: Combinations

Another example of why we love the land of the rising sun that much, An ER34 and some RS Watanabe Type R’s. A combination you would never think about working this good. Let’s hope that things don’t get any worse over there.

Random Juice: Full of Win

There’s just something so awesome about this whole picture

Web Mining: Fifth wheel

Maybe they should bring this back haha

Say a Prayer

I’m sure everyone has seen the devastation by now, I just hope that you can say a prayer for everyone whether you believe in a higher power or not. A country that many car enthusiast look to, in terms of cars and inspiration and culture. We can only imagine what the horror of an 8.9 earthquake followed by a tsunami ravaging the east coast line must be like. It looks completely surreal on the T.V.

Please say a prayer for the people of Japan