Video: Word Up #4

Video: Word Up #4

Apologies for not making it to the drift practice in Mondello, I’ve missed about 3 of them now and this one was because of some medical problems… next time will be a video like this hopefully! Check the A31 in California! That’s the start of it now…



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  • Jake Nolan says:

    Those Yanks Really Know How to do Things Properly over there.. and they have the weather on their side..great vid

  • marty c says:

    this is exatcly what drifting should be! a relaxed fun day with friends rather than a PD event where its hurry up and wait all day for a small bit of tracktime and rediculous entry fees and silly regulations, rant over!! im off to lidl,s with some cones and a 180!

  • Taylor says:

    s13 without stupid drift kit FTW

    pickup FTW