Garage Life: The Stuff Shed

Garage Life: The Stuff Shed

Everybody who has been in the car scene for a long time either has some sort of place to keep stuff they have hoarded over the years or work on their cars. The first time I got a chance to go out to this shed I was amazed at how much was going on. There was just such an interesting collection of random bits and bobs and that was before you even started to look at the cars.

Basically when you get to a certain age, your taste in cars will have matured slightly and you will have found your alley of interest. For these friends its Toyota. It sounds corny to say but they really do eat sleep and breath them without ever admitting it. A terribly lame statement that I will get shit for but it definitely conveys what I’m talking about. Everywhere you turn there is something related to a Toyota, and more so to the AE86.

A group of like minded friend decided to get together to rent out a shed to stuff everything they had over the years which includes their cars into one big space. Over time this became a really small space because of the amount of stuff which has built up. Already three cars have been featured on the site from this shed, and that’s because these guys are definitely good at what they do. Even their daily drivers are wait for it… Toyota’s.

Some of the nicest AE86’s in the country call this shed home like Daves Brown Apex and I Phelo’s  did one before it was broken into a million Pieces! Two cars I’m sure most of you are familiar with.

There is so much to take in, so many projects going on all at once. Its definitely impressive for a bunch of guys who actually have other jobs. You can lurk a
2e head keeping it casual on the shelf which is going into a crazy starlet build which you will be sure to hear about over the next year.

You all should remember this KP61 which we just featured over a month ago, when we did a shoot on the shed the starlet was receiving an AE86 back axle r and a trsuty 4A-GE under the bonnet.

It was out with the trusty old 5K.

Another starlet outside looking a bit worse for wear..

Just some of the body parts which are hidden all over the shed. It seems like anywhere you look you notice something new.

Everything  and anything of interest is kind of stored in the shed, hence the name “the stuff shed”. Like this mavic 321 on Dave’s Orange MR O from back in the day! Whats more important about this image is the 4a-ge behind the spokes! Once you notice one, you start to notice them everywhere..

This one was being used to build a loom.

Some more maybe?

Yeah I guess you get the picture. Plenty of stuff comes into the shed, collected, stored or lobbed in never to see the light of day!

This 4a-gze is a bit more on the complete side then others.

But you cant say the same for the car!

Quite slooow build of this awesome Trueno. It will definitely be a tasty car when its finished.

Some genuine TE37’s making for a good seat.

MK1 goodness.

Even genuine 2 piece superlites live here, none of that STR stuff!

Just some of another bunch of wheels which live here.

You can just make out the Recaro!

More engine’s and a dodgy 70’s plug in heater that doesn’t heat anything ever.

Up the back I had a quick root around and started finding things like these Tein springs..

Or these EP92 brakes which Dave told me  are  being fitted to another EP71 project happening real soon. Next to the discs you can see some Tekno Prospirit shocks.

Always some sort of funky project car or some crazy build going on. Or at least it looks that way!

I’m sure some of you can spot how expensive this shelf is.

Another upcoming  project from the stuff shed was this charmant, this will be one cool car when its finished.

This rear axle had just been pulled out as the charmant as it had just received full AE86 running gear. Since the time of this shoot no progress has been made…. (joke). The charmant has definitely become quite rare over the years and this will easily be one of the nicest in the country when its completed.

Speaking of nice, this 2 door Levin which the guys were rolling out for a shoot has to be easily one of the nicest Levins I have ever seen, be sure to stay tuned for a feature on this car coming up in the next month. Just another amazing car built in the shed.

I couldn’t feature the shed without showing at least one of the mean daily driver’s. This is Dave’s super fantastic starlet wearing Panasport G7’s.

I hope you enjoyed some sort of a look into the lives of some of the 86 community in Ireland. The amount of effort and man hours that has gone into cars between these guys is incredible, but it definitely shows. Its more of a place they can put stuff and share a like minded view on cars, a place they can hang out and talk shit all night. Its just another little nugget of the car scene hidden away in the corner of Ireland. You could find anything from a nice Downhill bike to a Trueno car or even a nice chunk of rust if you try hard enough! As corny as it sound this is what its all about at the end of the day, hanging out with friends and building nice cars and using them.

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