February 2011 - Juiceboxforyou

Random Juice: Meisters with no Gap

Crazy wheel fitment on this EK

Video: Happy Birthday

Web mining: AE vs EA

Such an awesome capture

What the Fuck Wednesday: Vancake

Yes this is not photoshop, what your looking at is the lowest camper van in the world!


Random Juice: Simple roller

Video: Word Up #4

Apologies for not making it to the drift practice in Mondello, I’ve missed about 3 of them now and this one was because of some medical problems… next time will be a video like this hopefully! Check the A31 in California! That’s the start of it now…

Random Juice: Craziest of them all?

This has to be one of the craziest looking EVO IV’s in the world.


Garage Life: The Stuff Shed

Everybody who has been in the car scene for a long time either has some sort of place to keep stuff they have hoarded over the years or work on their cars. The first time I got a chance to go out to this shed I was amazed at how much was going on. There was just such an interesting collection of random bits and bobs and that was before you even started to look at the cars.


What the Fuck Wednesday: Flaming Polo

This beast was sent in by a viewer, and its more than perfect for a what the fuck Wednesday. What made it the perfect car this week is not the power drums or the Halfords alloys..

Web Mining: Form Is In The Function

Titan in Japan: HKS Premium Day 2011

The guys over at Titan Auto works went to the HKS Premium day at Fuji speedway and sent on some cool pics.


What the Fuck Wednesday: Wheely shy Z stream

I’m sure many of you have seen this beast on the internet from time to time, we felt it was time to get it onto the site to join the ranks.


Car Spotting: The Daily bB

For anyone who is staring at the screen and wondering what the hell is going on, allow me to explain. This is a 2002 Toyota bB. The car is based on the Yaris/Vitz chassis and was targeted at the younger generation in their early to late 20’s. These cars are hugely popular in Japan as the bB and in the US where it went under the name of the Scion xB. For anyone who has wondered why these are so insanely popular, we’ve also asked the same question every time one appears on the internet. In America where these little crazy box shaped Toyota’s have a huge following, people could easily pour thousands of dollars into an xB/bB to create their perfect vision.


Random Juice:CP 035

Enjoy this pretty cool by shot by Phillip MC Hugh of a clean and simple DC2 wearing some nice and rare Racing Hart cp 035’s.

Web Mining: SR20 RWD Yaris/Belta