January 2011 - Juiceboxforyou

Web Mining: Mass Appeal Show & The Ken Block Gymkhana

Web Mining: Mark low

Random Juice: Factory Charmer

Correct me if I’m wrong about this being an SR spec AE85, but its definitely a nice site on the eyes. With how many have been brought into the country pre drifted or have been built or modified over the years, seeing a totally standard example of the Japanese AE85/86 is always going to be good.


Random Juice: Coming Soon…

Many people have been asking about sticker’s since the last ones dried up. Not to worry, we will have a batch of these coming real soon. These will be available from our online shop which we will be launching in the coming months. Hopefully you will be down for supporting the cause so we can keep showing what Ireland has to offer. The shop will consist of limited edition t-shirts and stickers and should be up within the next month. The shop will be a little different from the usual, so be sure to check back for updates on this. Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us. It means a lot.

Web Mining: Whoops!

You might have heard about this already, J’s Racing President Junichi Umemoto hit someone with his car, he then attempted to leave the scene which is pretty bad on his behalf! I hope the Judaical system in Japan isn’t as bad as some countries and I’m sure there that its not as bad as it seems, apparently he panicked and fled the scene. Its crazy how one minute you are a President of a huge car tuning company and then the next your being charged for attempted murder! Here’s what happened:

What the Fuck Wednesday: In the shadows

Whats this lurking in that shadows?


Random Juice: Olive-tastic

This E39 has been causing quite the stir on the internet the past few weeks and well you can see why.


Feature: Keeping it in the Family


It was only about 20 or so years ago the E70 was a common sight on Irish roads. Finding one these days is as rare as an Irish summer. Lets face it back in the day these cars didn’t look this appealing. In fact they were pretty a pretty basic saloon from Toyota. They got people from A to B and back again in a reliable Toyota fashion. As time went on, general wear and tear accompanied by great Irish weather took its toll on the E70 and many of its old friends. Most of what was left has either been left to return to the soil while the others have been long crushed.

Random Juice: Freezing S-Chassisssssssss

Some good old freezing fog..

What the Fuck Wednesday: Relax its a classic..

One of the more luxury classic Astra’s which weren’t available over here it seems.


Random Juice: When worlds collide

A very tidy EG on some Sprint hart CPR’s aye?  But that’s not the best part, whats really interesting is the fact that the car has been themed to look American (USDM) but is in Japan. The trends have made a full circle and have filtered back across the Pacific.  Continue Reading

Random Juice: The Power of Dreams

To be continued….

Web Mining: ZX10 vs. FDRX7

Random Juice:Less is more..

This picture shows just how nice a 300 zed ex can be when its done right. Some delicious Desmond WiseSports sitting correct and a simple exterior is all you need in the looks department!

Web Mining: Rambey Racing ep91

Some of you may have certainly seen this ridiculous 850hp ep91 starlet from Denmark.