Titan in Japan: NSX Meet

Ryo from Titan Auto Works managed to snap some cool pics at an NSX meet in the Gunma prefecture about two hours from Tokyo. A car that is regarded as one of Japans true proper sports cars. Its Also a car that is very rare on our shores. Check out some of the snaps.

A very tasty face lift model next to an original just peeping in into the frame.

Epic red pants in between more tasty yellow NSX’s.

Cool to see all the red ones were side by side, imagine an aerial view….

A nice white wide arched in the frame on some Gram Lights 57s-Pro, with more what it seems to be NSXR’s in the background.

Imagine seeing that many NSX’s in the one place.

It definitely is an epic sight to see, one that we can be only jealous of…Just imagine a meet like that here haha. And this was just of NSX’s.. Gotta love Japan.



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5 Responses to “Titan in Japan: NSX Meet”

  1. taylor says:

    absaloutley savage! If ever i have enough money…….

  2. Power says:

    That is heaven right there…

  3. Doofer says:

    Red ones look the best in my opinion…. Apart from championship white… Welllllll coool!!!! I knew taylor would be on here licken the lap top…

  4. teejay says:

    ohh shit neill…..