Titan in Japan: 1jz meet @ Chiba Circuit

Titan in Japan: 1jz meet @ Chiba Circuit

Tom and Ryo from Titan have just sent on some nice pic’s from a 1jz meet at the Chiba Circuit just outside of Tokyo.

The meet only consisted of 20 or less cars but it seems that even with a little amount showing, the quality was still amazing.

Definitely enjoying the rear of this jzx100 and the whole mismatch missile look on what looks to be a nice set of Advan f7’s.

Yes please!

Such a tasty line up!

The car culture in Japan never ceases to amaze, they should give us at least one of the endless amounts of circuits that they can choose from. It looks more like a relaxed place to play then a serious track with endless rules and regulations. Maybe some day aye? haha



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  • Doofer says:

    Yea we definitely could do with more tracks in Ireland…. If my master plan of winning the euro millions comes together this problem will be resolved…