Garage Life: Tec Art’s Visit

Garage Life: Tec Art’s Visit

Chris Gray just got back from an interesting trip to the infamous Tec Art’s garage in Japan. For those of you who don’t know who Tec Art’s are they are probably one of the most well known ae86 tuners in Japan. Tec-Art’s is a small family-run shop in the outskirts of  Tokyo, a place that over the years Kamata-san and his brother have turned into one of the most respected hachiroku shops in Japan, They’ve built some infamous cars, we recently had this video on the site of the Eco 86 which Tsuchiya drove around Tsukubu in video option.

Imagine walking up to the shop and seeing this Trueno outside lurking on some panasport g7s c8r and sitting comfortably under some N2 arches.

Even the colour is amazing.

Like the infamous Tec Arts N2 86!

Yes please! Looking good…

Its crazy, it looks like everywhere you turn there is another one!

Even the lifts get the purple treatment!

Must be pretty amazing to see so many decent hachi’s all in the one place!

So neatly done!

Some more? Why not haha, Another amazing looking Trueno just chilling on the Tec Arts truck enjoying the purple colourway

Yep that’s Keiichi Tsuchiya’s Trueno, which just happened to be in for a service as Chris was visiting! Probably the second most popular hachi after the initial D one.

And that’s his super delicious engine bay. The car was in for a service before hitting Nikko the week after.  Just another day at Tec Arts it seems!
Chris was hanging out with Kamata-san and the guys for the day and was saying that the company is very interested in coming to Ireland in the near future. Which could be very cool indeed.



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