October 2010 - Juiceboxforyou

Random Juice: Drift Matsuri 2010

Garage Life: From Street to Strip

Be sure to check out Paddy’s damn cool write up on Street Racing and Casey’s yard up on Speedhunters if you have missed it. He presents a proper argument and tells you how it is.
Peep it here

What the fuck Wednesday: The Spooky Passat….

Just looks like your average B5 Passat yes?  Have a closer look at this beast, which was just in time for Halloween….


Random Juice: All business Trueno

One of the meanest Trueno’s Ive ever seen.


Garage Life: Tec Art’s Visit

Chris Gray just got back from an interesting trip to the infamous Tec Art’s garage in Japan. For those of you who don’t know who Tec Art’s are they are probably one of the most well known ae86 tuners in Japan. Tec-Art’s is a small family-run shop in the outskirts of  Tokyo, a place that over the years Kamata-san and his brother have turned into one of the most respected hachiroku shops in Japan, They’ve built some infamous cars, we recently had this video on the site of the Eco 86 which Tsuchiya drove around Tsukubu in video option.


Random Juice: Against the Grain

Its all in the wheels!! Had this one on my computer for a long time, felt it was too good not to share. The perfect execution of clean.

What the Fuck Wednesday: Getting there

Has to be a 5zigen no?


Car Spotting: Galway’s Evil S-13

Gotta say I love this car, have been keeping an eye out for it for a while now over on DriftIreland, and Dara has  put a serious amount of work into it.  Matt from SuperFortress did a good job on these photos also.


Random Juice: JDM Hiace

Not much of a car update but I thought this JDM Hiace was quite interesting while I was waiting on some Pizza Hut. We always see the Perfomance cars that come into the country but sometimes some of the more unusual boring shit can be quite interesting. This Hiace is one of those things. It stuck out like a sore thumb in the car park so I went over for a sniff, turns out its 4×4 and has a bit of a suspension kit and two piece rims, it even has some arches, amazing haha. Someone loved the life out of their Hiace back in Japan!

Random Juice: Worlds fastest street legal electric car


Garage Life: A Juicy sweet Hachi update!

Im sure you most of you remember when this happened, well Dayo has gone and got himself a gift.


Random Juice: Speaking of less is more…..

A perfect example of how less can easily be more

What the fuck Wednesday: RPS13.534?

This is definitely a first, but to be honest it doesn’t look half bad.


Garage Life: Juicebox x Tyteslippers

Its funny, Greystones was voted the nicest place to live in Ireland, that can definitely bee seen by the weather in this picture. This view is so unusual for Ireland, not a grey cloud for miles! On an usually nice weekend, we decided to head for Greystones to spin up with the guys from Tyteslippers and talk some shit for a day. Why you may ask? Well because they have some cool as shit cars and the direction they are going with them is what this site is all about.


Random Juice: Some across the sea Honda’s

Looks like the guys in England have got some cool Honda shit going on. Some are meshing Euro and Jap, which seems to work!