2010 September

What The Fuck Wednesday: Porsche Compact Fail

I will email a Dan Bar to the person who can guess what base car this is….


Events: Straightliners Enniskillen September 2010

The trip was nice and long, and it wasn’t looking very promising as the rain decided to pour down just before we made it to Enniskillen. Typical Irish weather which really isn’t the best of friends with drag racing.


Today the site has been slightly cleaned up and resized to a better finish, something most people wont care about but it had to be done! Also the logo has been changed, Just want to say thanks to everyone who bought the old one and that have it on their car. More>>>

Video: FD Sonoma: Tilt-Shift Formula Drift

Random Juice: Mean as fuck Forester

This things can actually look amazing. Go on… you know you want to!


Random Juice: E36 sitting on Vette wheels.

This is truly a nice example of a super clean E36 just spotted on stancworks, who knew that 93-96 corvette wheels would work so well? The green really does work here as it lurks in behind the spokes. Its very subtle but very noticeable. So much potential with these cars and this is a very fine example of a minimal but very original E36 coupe.

What The Fuck Wednesday: 180 sex?

Ill start with the back of this freak show, now it maybe not be a 180sx, because it looks like more than likely this car is from Sweden. Its also been styled by a female it seems judging from where i found these snaps. To be honest its pretty hard to completely fuck up an s chassis. I mean really, to go and properly fuck one up this bad took true skill. The rear itself doesn’t really look that horrid, it just looks like 1999. But even at that shes already made a bad job as you can see the wings and quarter panes been nicely widened. She also opted for flushing the entire body which definitely just doesn’t work here and some essential Lexus lights. Its really one when we see the front that you almost collapse with fear and anger….


Random Juice: Ken Block’s Ultimate Playground Gymkhana 3

Holy shit, as usual.

Event: Prodrift round 4 Mondello 2010

The weather had managed to hold off, all it needed to do now was stay dry for just another couple of hours and everything would work for the better. The clouds were getting darker and it looked like mother nature was going against everyone but then Aaron came out blasting the Foo fighters and everything seemed to be just fine!


Event: Japfest Mondello 2010 PT2

Lets continue where we stopped with part 1, looking at some super nice examples of some of the countries nicest ae86’s.


Event: Japfest Mondello 2010 PT1

The weather was sketchy, but it managed to hold off. Thankfully we didn’t have a repeat of last year. Which as you can remember was a bad time.
The bar was raised with some of the cars that were on show this year, there really is a lot of clean cars coming out of the woodwork and its definitely nice to see.


What The Fuck Wednesday: 1991 Mitsuoka Le Seyde

Notice anything yet? Its not just your average looking old school looking cruiser….


Car Park Watch: Japfest 2010

Yup, its about that time. Where we go lurk the car park of another car show to see what the people are driving. Its always a good insight into the scene itself to see what people are driving, and usually you will find something good or something very bad. Check it out.


Web Mining: Nissan Chaser RPS13

This deserved a Wtf Wednesday, but I could only find this scan, trust the Japanese to do something as insane as this The funny thing is, it actually looks kind of cool, I dunno, its probably one of those things that either looks wrong, or looks cool. That horrid nissan badge would have to go, it makes the car look like one of those Nissan altima’s or sentras for the US market. Its definitely more messed up looking then cool, but its not a bad looking  conversion.

Random Juice: Juice babes 2 and 3 confirmed

Juicebox welcomes its latest addition to the Juicebabe team, Cherry and berry, two smoking hot chicks ready to take snap shots anywhere and at anytime. This time they are posing on one hot Honda in a shed, because that’s what its all about. Things got so serious we can even show you the goods, instead your going to have to imagine behind that little pink bunny. Check Berry taking care of that roof, hot stuff.