August 2010 - Juiceboxforyou

Random Juice: First Official Juicebox Babe

Shit quality snaps, of hot lacks on cars in the dark… Just the way we like it here on Juicebox. Check out the rest of our latest model shanice. Shes one smoking hot lack.


Garage Life: Graiguenamanagh’s K20 DC2

The above picture doesent look like much, and many people would wonder why, especially because the 4 eyed DC2 fronts seem to get little love from people, especially in Ireland. Where we can just pick up a JDM DC2 for the price of a Holiday in Spain. It was cool to hear that Jamie and his brother Keelan were going to take on something different. I was scared to hear that they were going to be pulling the guts out of the Yellow EG that we all Remember, but once I heard the plans, I knew all was going to be well in Graiguenamanagh. What a word!


Web Mining: Motorfix Corolla time!

What a cool video of the most epic KE70’s ever, these guys are definitely having a good time, and seem to be very handy behind the wheel of these KE’s. Im sure you have all heard of Motorfix by now. If not enjoy..


Random Juice: The meanest EP3 of them all.

To be honest, Im sure not everyone is the biggest fan of these generation civics, there are a few for sure who love them, but the majority of people would be more inclined to lean towards an EG, EK, or an EF, the problem I feel with these civics was that they were too boxy and high and kind of loose the that whole feel of a civic, or maybe I’m wrong, either way this is definitely one EP3 that I wouldn’t hesitate to own, its definitely the meanest looking and probably the coolest floating around on the net.

Random Juice: Clean E30


What The Fuck Wednesday: THonda Corollaccord

Looks causal from the back aye, just another Trueno coupe…. The wheels could easily be taken off and then everything would be just fine.

Track Day: Mondello Drift Practice Day 15/8/10

As we arrived down at 9 the fog was not moving . Behind the mist we could see the faint sun . The drivers were called up to the briefing and as they were finished the sun had brunt all the fog away . There are not many days were you can say you have worn a t-shirt in Mondello , as some say its one of the coldest places in Ireland but today was going to be a hot one.The day was as the title suggests about practice and anyone can do it . More>>>

What the Fuck Wednesday: The Tramore Time capsule

Its crazy to think that this was the norm just up to about 6 years ago. Everyone wanted this paint and an interior that matched. I think many of you will agree that the scene has changed for  the better, but its always nice to see where things went bad, and this is a fine example of just that. Best of all its in a very clean condition which is rare as most of these “show beasts” from back in the day are either wrecked or on the way. You can see that wretched interior just lurking out through the door. Its amazing. Or how is was a great choice to those skirts to the car.

Car Feature: EF-ing clean.


It’s a nice feeling to know you have genuine interest Japanese cars. Just as we were starting to shoot this EF9 a couple of important looking suits came out started gawking in the drain next to this car. It made me laugh, they paid no attention to the car whatsoever, and it didn’t even faze them. A pretty funny moment and a small epiphany about how much of a different view someone can have on a certain inanimate object as opposed to the next man.


Random Juice: Some Super Fortress S-chassis

Just came across some savage pics, and a blog which seems to shaping up well. Matt Pym and his mates from Galway seem to be doing it right with their S-chassis Nissan’s.


Speaking of time attack….

This video is proper. Good Job to EH3 Films! Glad to see the irish car video being stepped up.

Event: Mondello Time attack round 2 (The lost pics)

Yes it is August, and yes this was in May, but i managed to corrupt a memory card which I had taken these photos on. The other day it magically worked for some reason and I grabbed all the pictures off the card before it decided to have another time of the month. I felt it was too late for the pictures but then thought, fuck it better late then never right?  Your probably also wondering where is time attack round 3 and so on, well its hard to get up the country every time its on, if anyone is heading that direction on a day, throw me a lift and Ill be all over these events. This isint the usual event coverage article, but more a collection of the pictures from that day.


What the fuck Wednesday: Bozo Toyota Celsior UCF11

We all know about bosozoku by now, or well at least you should know about it. Sometimes an amazing car can come from this type of styling in Japan, some people can build some amazing cars and some cars are insane. This is the perfect example of what I mean More>>>

Web mining: Amazing KE70

Check this amazing KE70. Ken Nomura, Daijiro Inada and Manabu Suzuki decide to get in for a spin as it starts to snow out. Everything about this KE is amazing The colour, the stance, right down to the Longchamps XR4’s. I would give anything to have one.
Some day maybe….

Event: Tullow Drag Days

I hadnt been to Tullow since the first day when they were trying out the track. Each time it was on I either couldnt get a lift to cover it or something else was on. I finally got the chance today and it was cool to see that the event had grown. More and more people seem to be showing up becuase of the freedom of paying and racing your face off for the day. What could be wrong with that?