2010 July

What the fuck Wednesday: The UFO

This sticker says it all to be honest.


Event: Sleef Fx Limerick 2010 (With added magic video)

This years Sleek Fx brought some new cars to display. Some good and some that would leave you scratching your head for days. The weather was that typical “is it going to rain? “weather. So all day we were waiting for it to pour but it managed to hold and everyone could enjoy being dry whilst checking out some drag racing and the cars.


Car Park Watch: Sleekfx Limerick 2010

So here it is. Another installment of car park watch. The reason we do this, is to see what the people (which is you) drive. Just because something doesn’t get to be on show or in a show doesn’t mean its not worthy of some attention. Most of the time you will find something which you would wish was in the shows or the total opposite. Limerick brought a nice crowd and some cool cars in the car park. Check em out…


Spring Drift Matsuri

Stole this from garagehachi’s blog, too good not to post. That KE70 wagon is fucking so good!

Aussie spec?

Looks like Flip stumbled across a special kind of Ae-86 in Australia.Check that bar.


This is insane


Just something so right about this s2k.


Car Feature: Street SXE10


This is just one of those cars. A car you either love or hate at first glance. The Altezza itself was marketed in Europe as a Luxury car that we all know as the Lexus is200 or 300. This car was targeted at business men and people who wanted a luxury style car but with the reliability of a Toyota. The same went for the Altezza which was Italian for “highness” in Japan. This car was a sport luxury car which was supposed to attract a more upper class type of customer. A car to go up against Mercedes and BMW. More>>>

Garage Life: The little Hachi that could…

This Hachiroku was undoubtedly one of the most well known in this country. The car just had that vibe which made it stand out. It looked so fresh for its age. Being 27 years old the car didnt look one year of it. With its fresh coat of metallic red over black and some shiny work equips with some insane dish on the rear, this car oozed everything an ae86 should carry.


What the Fuck Wednesday: Exclusive Ear?

Looks like this beast is keeping up with all the trends, its even sporting half a roof rack and some sort of bonnet bra slash visor. Spotlights a roof visor and plenty of stickers.


Car spotting> Enda’s eg9 ferio

Just got to take some snaps today of Enda’s eg9 ferio, alot of work has gone into this car and there will definitely be alot more to come on this car real soon. These are becoming a scarce enough car and its nice to see someone with much love for one.
The yellow and black colourway throughout the car is a real winner, its different which is hard to come by on these cars. The rota auto x fit the car so good. The only bad side was the weather which was really against us on this one so expect more to come soon on this car . Good job on the ferio man, there such a nice car.

What the fuck Wednesday: I owe you a ten second fail. (with bonus wtf ep)

Damn this one is a real gem indeed. This car would have been any kids wet dream about 10 years ago, Have you ever seen the film the wrestler, where he used to be this super famous wrestler and now he is a nobody who is old a beaten but still trys to hold on to what he had going on. That’s what this car reminds me of.  Check the fucking go of the sun visor, hey that wasn’t on it in the film…..


Prodrift Round 3: Citywest 2010 Pt 2

Another round of Prodrift, and another Irish car show where mother nature was good to us.  I have to give a big shout to Simon Connaughton for hooking me up with images of the final 16. We ended up getting in a crash the night before Prodrift and decided to be cool and stay up buzzing from what happened and drove to Dublin. What a bad choice, as soon as the ” adrenaline” and monster (thank fuck for that but only sometimes because you will piss green) we collapsed and the stiffness settled in. All good fun.. Sort of.


Prodrift Round 3: Citywest 2010 Pt 1

A lot of people seemed to enjoy the amount of coverage from the last event picture wise so we decided to go for it again. Many sites and stuff regulate the amount of pictures that go up, fuck it were going to stick up as much that was good about something as possible. There is always stuff going on off the track that’s always worth the coverage also. Either way here is what we got from the Sunday. There was a show of cars inside this crazy arena style shed which looked like something made for the x-games. Anyways on with the pics.