2010 June

Prodrift Round 3: Citywest carpark watch 2010

Another Irish car event. Another round of prodrift, and another round of car watching. The reason we do this is to show whats going on in the car scene in Ireland from the normal point of view. To see what the people drive. This time there wasnt as much cars in the car parks, or maybe we missed a car park, city west was in sections so it was weird to get around and stuff. Nonetheless, here is another installment of carpark watch.


What the fuck Wednesday : The Tramore Saxo

Looks like the saxo club are at it again. This time the culprit lives in Tramore. What a fine example this is of a tastefully modified Citroen Saxo. These cars really come up well when the correct parts are added to the mixture. Straight away you can see the veilside style front bumper which has been carefully crafted down to fit the saxo. The chrome trim which ties this in with the chicken wire mesh on the grill  looks very fast indeed.


Tech art sw20


Hiroshima speedway

What a cool track, this gets interesting about halfway through. Enjoy

What the Fuck Wednesday: Environmentally friendly Volvo.

Diy wooden Pickup? Looks Flawless. What a real tidy job retaining the Volvo logos haha

Car Feature: Spoon fed eg6


Some cars leave a real impact on you. I remember the first time I seen this car. It was a dark choppy winters night. It was parked amongst a decent collection of night lurker Hondas just off of the mouth of the port road in Waterford. The car just bounced against the cold winter night. The closer I walked to this little civic, the more intense it looked. I was shocked to see such genuine car…

Web Mining: Civic wrx?

If you havent seen this already, your in for a treat.

Take one wrecked Wrx.


Backwards Entries

What the fuck Wednesday : Gone in an hour

This smart slash mustang is beyond funny.


Juicebox facebook.

Not much of an interesting update. We were going to wait awhile before we made any sort of juicebox facebook. Facebook is not everyone’s cup of tea, but seems someone made a fake juicebox page we went ahead and made the real one, So go on, go ahead and add the shit out of it and get your book face on or whatever you jive turkey’s are at these days..


Keep Drifting Fun

Such an amazing edit from Will Roegge & Joshua Herron

The Wolfrace Katana

“Katana 2 is a simple 5 spoke design with a twist. A hot hatch favourite. 15” and 17” in 4 and 5 stud fitments – a great cost effective way of improving the look of your car!”

Just enjoy what it says above quoted from the wolfrace masters themselves. These wheels are everything you don’t want. I know you’ve  just had a little laugh and have thought to yourself, fuck sake these juicebox guys are slow, I could have told them long time ago that these wheels are rubbish. If your one of those people, give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the fact that you know these wheels are rubbish, but the scary fact is that these wheels are everywhere. Like a virus for cars. Its almost like a pandemic for the standard car. Somewhere along the line somebody decided they were going to turn a sword into a wheel. The result was this horrible creation with 5 spokes that replicates some sort of rising sun which goes into the center to this lump of aluminum . Its almost like a virus when you even notice these wheels because you instantly become a spotter. I had no interest in even caring or talking about these wheels about a year ago until one night my friend turned to me and laughed at a set, he started talking about how these were everywhere and once you notice them you’ll never be able to stop. I laughed for abit and didn’t really take any notice. The next day when I woke up and was doing the usual trip to go to college I was in total shock at the amount of cars with these wheels. Right now your probably saying to yourself who gives a shit and that. GO outside for yourself, take a cruise to the shop. I guarantee you that one pair of these superb wheels will be attached to some sort of mobile. Once you see one pair that’s it, you will never be able to stop searching. After a few weeks we decided to just take a short trip around town to see if we could find anymore, we were in for a treat. Just as we suspected. The Katana was everywhere, it was too late. It had infected every shop front window and was on every car for miles. As common as steelies or hubcaps this wheel is everywhere. Its insane because people actually still have to fork out currency for these.


E36 stance

I cant help but post Mike Burroughs, owner of stanceworks e36 325is. These cars are a dime a dozen and its incredible to see how good one can look when done right. This car is insane and the video is just as good. Check it out


Today were going to talk a little bit about stance. Its not everyone cup of tea but you cant argue the fact that it can really work when done right. The correct stance can really set a car apart from others. Its surprising to see that a totally oem stock looking car with the correct wheels and stance can absolutely shit all over a crazy expensive looking exterior rapped car. Its not that common in Ireland yet and mainly due to the fact its only hitting home now what effect it can have to the car or that our roads are shit. This is certainly true but Ive still seen some seriously low cars in the worst of locations and they seem to do just fine. Many cars had come in from Japan in the sky and remained that way because quite a lot of people didn’t realize that they were raised for the boats. Like many I have talked to, its possible to make even the worst car look good with the the right wheels and stance. By stance it can mean slammed or flushed or whatever. Achieving a decent poke with the rims always looks good with some stretched tires on any car model. There are many people out there who use there car for a purpose, and maybe cannot enjoy stance or feel that it isn’t a whole lot functional but, its still truly epic to see someone with a perfect wheel fitment and still use there car on the daily basis. Its definitely a part of a car which is totally overlooked in this country and were going to highlight it here. While sites like Hellaflush and stanceworks are taking over in the states this is quickly becoming a growing trend amongst car enthusiasts worldwide. Check this super diagram to see what we mean.


What the fuck wednesday: Snazzy Russian limo taxi

Arrive in style in this Ney York themed delightful Lada Riva taxi.