May 2010 - Juiceboxforyou

Osaka Street Drift with Team Burst

Got this in the inbox. A pretty cool video

Some safe shit man

What the fuck Wednesday: The melted golf

I ended up going on a nice 3 day birthday celebration in a shack by a beach so I didn’t get to stick up some updates. I’m going to shove them all up now to make up for the last few days.

And why not start with this absolute beast. Some people really know what they are doing, puushing the boundries of “modifications”. Flushed boots are for pussies, this chap takes the game into a whole new level with this incredible flushed back window spoiler combo.


Car spotting: Dayos Altezza (with added video)

These days in Ireland Altezzas are as common as piss. There are so many around that have the same look. Not a lot of people have ventured into trying to do something different.


Steer for the rear.

Woke up the other day and had to take a picture of this. You always see those stickers on peoples sun visors or peoples rear windows. Some sort of witty statement usually on a bad car. I have seen steer from the rear so many times and its usually on a bad car. Looks like its nowhere to be seen on this bad boy, but hes definitely steering from the rear.

Too many Honda’s

Incase people get scared about the level of Honda’s we decided to break it up. Presenting member one of the official juicebox team. Expect to see this starlet at every show with its own stand and in every drag race, time attack, you name it. UNREAL

Car spotting : Flips DC5

Its crazy when things change so fast for people. Ireland really is a gigantic bubble if you stay around here for along time. For Flip it was a shock when he decided to go to the land down under. It opened his eyes that there is certainly a shit lot more going on outside our little island. This was the last shoot we did with his dc5 which isint anything crazy or insane.


Meets: Honda meet Waterford

To be honest there wasn’t a whole load of cars that showed up. Either because of the weather or because its Waterford and it may be a distance for people to travel. The weather was pulling its typical raining and sunny at the same time stuff so no one really knew what to do. Hopefully a meet happens soon that will bring some some more people. The good thing about this meet was that even though not so many showed up the cars that did were pretty fucking cool so everything worked out and made it worth while to feature.



Its funny how everything is traveling in circles. The American car scene is trying to source every last JDM part they can including front end conversions to gear knobs. They seem to have created something which was based on the whole JDM scene and now the Japanese have decided to start copying the US. Its amazing that both of these countries are both doing the same thing more or less. The Japanese are starting to rust bonnets, buy diamond steelies and go for the whole roof rack theme. Its cool either way as more and more cool cars are coming out of both countries. Check this USDM jam that went down in Japan from stanceworks. Check the website for more snaps also.


Car Park Check: Kilkenny “Tuner” show

There was some nice cars outside but it started to pour out so I didn’t get to take photos of everything. After being so amazed by the show I decided to go outside and get some snaps. Straight away there was some promising stuff. This ek was looking pretty damn cool. Nothing too insane and it was already killing it in terms of how it looked over some of the warrior wagons inside.


Car show : Kilkenny Tuner Show 2009

Where do I start. I guess the show is cool for the type of people who just enjoy looking at whatever kind of car or want something to do on a day off. The poster is slightly misleading to be honest for someone who would have expected more. I expected at least the skyline would be there with its bonnet off boasting that rb buf noop, nothing of the sort, nowhere to be seen. How fooled were we aye? The show had a lot of potential bu like many things in Ireland but It fell short of what we expected in quite a lot of ways. With the site were going to try and cover as much as we can in the car scene, some may be good, some may be bad. This one is sort of bad.


What the fuck wednesday: Pontiac GTO Corvette?


The forums are online.

So I guess another forum in Ireland? Great stuff. Not really i guess because there is so many around now its pointless setting one up. Maybe it is , maybe it isint. The idea that were trying to create with this forum is a nice laid back type of approach which wont have much moderating and, well if you are being an idiot, its nobody’s fault if you get offended and flamed for it. Its going to be a free type of forum where you can talk shit, talk cars talk whatever you want and post some interesting stuff for others to check. Hopefully it goes as good as the site. If the forum gets popular we can add move and modify the sub forums to peoples tastes or needs. and ask people to help out if things get popular. Hope you like it and I hope people are enjoying the site. The view count is growing which is cool, were going to try and keep updating with shit as much as possible with features and other event coverage and random shit,




The new Lexus LFA against the Nissan GTR in a quarter mile battle, Skip into 4 minutes if you just want to see the race, the video is quite long.

Looking good

The sedan is looking pretty damn good.