2010 April


Evil Z

I’m not the biggest 350z fan, but this one is definitely doing it for me.


This rps13 would go down well at night.

Garage Life: More or less there.

Magoo’s car finally backs out from the land of the ferries. It will leave to go to the mountains to get mapped and where the final touches can be added.

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Old friends

This s12 is hitting the spot.

Be nice to your car.

Choose the right wheels for your car, or else it will commit suicide like this integra….

A different take

Garage Life: More Magoo

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New bottle holder dish

New bottle holder 9000

Also available in pink.

A change

This Dc5 is looking good.  Even though its an Acura Rsx it would fit in well with any type r. The rsx is fitted with some happy mugen body parts and that blue is wrapping it up noice.

Mad Racing

A snap I had of toms s14 from a while back.

Low burger

You just have to love this


Top fuel dragster

Click the picture and turn it up hahaha

Making a new fiesta look good??

I dunno what you think about this? Its old news to everyone else but im not the biggest ken block follower so i didn’t know he had picked up a fiesta to the Subaru.Seems Subaru had withdrawn from wrc and ford stepped in to take its place for Ken. Fiestas will always be fiestas regardless of them re selling on American shores. Im a bit hesitant to like this car, it looks fucking nuts as usual but its still a ford fiesta and i guess for people on this side of the pond there will always be a different image in our heads when we hear ford fiesta which will be this:

Besides the rs that’s what many people flash to in their heads when they hear Ford Fiesta…..Delicious.