March 2010 - Juiceboxforyou

Some Aussie stuff.

Flip has been soaking the shit out of the sun in the land down under and has sent me some cool pics. I’m jealous i wouldn’t mind a break from Ireland just for a small bit  also. Seems Queensland has some serious cars.

Wish we had some of these on our shores….

Tidy rps13 on meisters

Wouldnt is be nice to have gtrs like this parked up here haha.

R32 lurking in the night.

They even look cool stock with that shitty early nineteens windows 95 paint scheme which you have to love.

Ah yes! Weather which is rare on this side of the world. When we get this the whole country comes to a halt, tells everyone to fuck off and goes to the beach hahaha.

Looks like flip snapped up a car i was just watching in a video that seems to be sort of famous. That’s kind of creepy. Check out this drift video from down under and please check that s13 with that serious stance going flat out.  Its an amazing looking car. Its also amazing when people build cars like that which look like they would never hit the track but are out there going flat.

I had to save the best for last. What  a beast. Give me this hog any day with them smooth rims and that front bumper which would make Vin Diesel cum in his pants. This is a serious 1999 car which ran away from the Fast and the Furious and went to Australia…. Maybe its runs ten seconds also?… Just maybe..  Well that’s Australia or some of it through flips camera. Good job on the hunting of the cars man.

Something Steve Urwin would have been proud of.

This car is definitely a love/ hate situation, there will be many people who will hate how this is covered in giraffe/ leopard print and others will think its unique and kind of cool.
Personally i think its pretty fucking cool. Its different and it stands and doesn’t really take from the car or look tacky. What you think?

Doing it.

Theres just something so right about this onevia. Even with the gaping hole in the right side i love it. Im not the biggest fan of onevias id usually prefer the original front but the kit and stance, deep dish fuckers and arches and that gold its wrapped in makes this one a win

KP-60-62 love.

Ive always had a thing for these kp starlets and i imagine many others do, heres a shit load of nice interesting ones to show some kp 60-62 love.


Pretty cool old honda ad.

Not a car..

I guess its not a car but it was too cool not to stick up.

Garage Life: Seans ep82 build.

Seans building a nice track ready ep-82 . Its raw as fuck and fully stripped out. He ran a 13.7 by turning up the boost back in Limerick in 09 on the side of that dodgy horse racing track and melted a piston so Sean took the car off the road and decide to rebuild the engine and use it as a track car. He replaced the melted piston with standard pistons, just polished to them help prevent detonation and shortened the intercooler piping. Ive always been a fan of these little cars there cool as fuck because there a 1300 turbo little pocket rocket ( haha had to get that term in there at least once) on a 4E-FTE that gives out a nice little kick. So many shams got their hands on them an molested them when they first hit our shores so there reputation has been put down alot over the years. Personally if one is done right its gonna be fucking cool and personally i think Seans will be cool its raw and hes not afraid to drive the fuck out of it. Ive always liked Seans because he doesn’t put chrome tint all over the windows and tons of accessories and stuff you would find in and on many other starlets. He did the total opposite. He uses this car and built it towards function. You have to love the side exit exhaust on the bumper!  The gt-turbo is as JDM as you can get and i know JDM is an overused over raped term but this gt turbo is cool. Check some of Seans pics of the car and his progress….
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The graveyard

Check this link to a scrap yard in kildare which has over 3000+ cars that are going to be crushed soon to make way for houses or whatever. Its crazy to see these cars being crushed or even seeing them all again. Growing up nearly all of these cars were driving on the roads well maybe not all these cars but more or less 80% of them. People definitely take them for granted. Maybe not all of these cars were the shit when they came out or were the cool thing to have but in years to come most of these will be classics or mega rare. You can take the honda civic for example like the shuttle or the Corolla estate which are just left they were as common as piss in the 80s but as time goes on and they get crashes and burned out or god knows what when you see one your like holy shit look what it is. The nct and other car deals and scrapping deals took nearly everything off the road that was once around. It happened so gradually that people didn’t really notice it but one look through this scrap yard and you will be like awh shit member that…

Looks like a fucking scene from 28days later or something.

I guess this is most cars fate . I wouldnt have posted this but this scrap yard seems to be a little bit different to others.
There is so much going on here i definitely advise you scroll through the flicker page. Click here for more info and shit.
You never know you might be able to save some stuff before its taken or might be able to grab a part or two. You could just say its only metal and there just cars but its still a shit thing to see some rare cars there get crushed. Check them out there is so much more shit to laugh at or see…

Kanjo Civics

This should be done here haha…

Mondello St Paddys Day 2010

Its shit even in the title when i wrote 2010 it makes it sound so serious, i tried to write 10 but that just looks stupid and 010 doesn’t look so good either. Ah well. This year wt up to Mondello again for another track day. A change from some of the not so exciting parades around the country. Maybe it was just me but there was less cars there compared to last year. I guess this whole recession shit has really had a toll or maybe it was just paddys day and more people wanted to drink this year. I had a camera and also a video camera with me so i started filming the day and made an oul video from it.

Haha, Duggie and his magical trueno and the magical boring new bypass from Dublin to ford and Dayos magical photography skills from the back.

An r32 surounded by Imprezas.

Some clean egs.

A Lurking jzx90 maybe?

This k20 powered Elise was pretty nifty around the track

Dan murdering 200sxs and civics in his stock 1400 corolla haha, Dan works at Mondello and would give you a run for your money in this car. Thanks for bringing us up to the tower again it was cool.

Dave did the trip also in his Hachi. Its looking good as always.

This mini was just fucking epic to be honest, cruising around the track at 30-40 with rx7s flying past and evos. It was so good.

Mountains in the background with snow makes this almost look not like Ireland haha.

This ae92 was looking good. Looked very jap and was loud as fuck. There was a little bit of batteling between the Daves ae86 and this 92 that we got to see from the tower balcony area, it was a good time to watch that. There is small bits in the video below.

Nice looking caged ferio

This rx-7 was flat out all day.

Battle of the civic generations?? haha

We then used this key to get this picture below.

Just having a joke… Check the video now so you can feel like you were there also with this space age technology called youtube.

Random car vol1

The Mazda Cosmo 4th generation. I remember this from Gran Turismo but totally forgot about this till one came up today. What a weird looking car.  Supposedly just under 9000 of these were ever made and only for the jap market. They were made from 1990 to 1995 and were available with either a twin turbo 13b-rew or the 20b-rew. Its kind of a cool coupe i guess sadly it was only available in automatic but its weird how you never see one of these pop up anywhere…. Crazy Japanese.

Doesn’t look half bad with the work CR-kai(emotions) on it.

Also looks cool with these super advans.

This one looks pretty cool. kind of r32ish.

Sad but i guess no one gives a fuck about this one haha.

Previa – estima drift.

This is hilarious

Tsukuba corner

I take it some of you have played forza or do play forza, and i take it some of you like to enjoy an oul bit of drifting at the tsukuba circuit. If not i recommend it on rainy, shit or boring days, or maybe even good ones. But there is a long corner at the end of tsukuba just after the long straight and i guess you may have hit it once or twice when you have spun out, its just before the pits. I found these pictures a long time back on noriyaro and they really show how bad it would be if you actually hit the pit wall in real life. The driver walked from this. Thank fuck this rx7 and Japan cars are RHD!

More mugen rr


dont know if this is fucking up a perfectly good gtr or making something cool and unique?