February 2010 - Juiceboxforyou

Back to the future

Holy shit check this Delorean with a 2jz rebuild. Wonder if the back to the future delorean had a 2jz supra engine??

Sweet rims…

Never mind the wheels standard ones back on and a supra engine this shit is intimidating

Check this yoke drag racing….

Someone had fun

I love walls


I know ive posted a few drift videos in the past few days but this is to good not to show.

Random Juice:Honda

Check the new HSV-010 GT(the new nsx that will probably never see production) in action with some livery on the side. This car lookes mean as fuck in black but in these pictures i dunno how to feel. Still a serious machine thought and a shame its never going into production.

Japfest 09

The rain was pretty fucking heavy on the day which was a shame. The only real thing i can remember from it was magoo trying out for the photographers and posing pretty smooth. haha

Good shit.

Definitely a better job hahaha

Yeah its new.

Hey. The sites up. its simple and stuff and kind of blank for now. I’m just going to start chucking stuff up each day so be sure to check back.
Ive got some pics up on my computer from the last year that i am going to stick here of track days events etc.
Here’s a few from a track day in Mondello in 09

Track ef

Nice r8 that was racing on the track day!

Lining up to go out

Dc5 chasing an ek

Sun setting on an ek chasing an impreza.

Fashion over function

Love it or hate it sometimes it just works. These diamond Racing steelies look perfect on this accord.

Casual drift

Such a casual video and casual street stuff..


Love the stance on Dayos Levin hach.

I owe you a ten second car hahaha……

This looks serious. Wonder what kind of times this will set on the 1/4 mile.



Environmentally friendly? someone hates this car

Kilkenny ae86irl meet 09

Scruby scrub scrub

Shiny shiny car

This was featured in option.

4 minutes in team t50. Good stuff

This dx looks nice

Check this beast in better quality. hopefully they dont enhance the plates.

Yes please!

This would be nice to stroll up to a meet with hahaha.


Dont exactly know how this would work……..

Chocolate milk

The colour is pretty original. looks like a chocolate milk or something i would enjoy licking this car but i bet it wouldnt taste the best. Its cool to see people use colours that no one would think of.