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Random Juice: For the engine’s

Nothing beats this, its straight to the point, and its too fucking funny! (shame about johnny’s steady hand hahaha)

What the fuck of the year………..

Im sure many of you had such a bad Christmas, dying to know what car would make what the fuck Wednesday of the year. Well wait no more. Instead of putting real updates on the site we bring you the best bad car of 2010. Other websites allowed people to vite on the best drift car or the best race car etc, but here we decided to get the best bad car which is on our shores. Sure what the fuck wednesday is completely pointless and some people find it offensive but we do it for the 3 people out there who get that laugh each week. So what car has made it to the number one spot…….?????


Merry Christmas

Things have been getting pretty busy around here so apologies for the lack of updates, hope every one is having some sort of a christmas even though most people that are over the age of 16 will find this day like a very long Sunday. Either way us here at Juicebox hope you have a good time getting drunk or smelling your new underpants and socks, or smiling to the person that just bought you that shower gel and deodorant combo you always seem to get! Make sure to pop back here over the coming weeks as some cool shit is on the way!

Merry Christmas

What the Fuck Wednesday: What happened?

Mad max meets fast and the furious…..


Titan in Japan: 1jz meet @ Chiba Circuit

Tom and Ryo from Titan have just sent on some nice pic’s from a 1jz meet at the Chiba Circuit just outside of Tokyo.

Random Snap: fog-ek

Video: Techno Pro Spirits AE86 – Tsukuba

The car is running a 4AGE 16V + 10,000rpm = 230hp
Yes, turn this up nice and loud!

Meet: AE86 meet @ Portlaoise 2010

With the weather being so crazy lately it was nice that on the day this meet was organized, there was a cold winter sun on a nice crisp day. This meet was held in Portlaoise. They had set up a Gymkhana course where you could have a little fun if you wanted. Its great to see that Ireland still has a strong following of the 86 and other early RWD chassis from Toyota and a decent amount of cars made an appearance.


What the Fuck Wednesday: Max Camber

Sorry for the lack of updates, things have been really busy around here. Things should be back to normal soon so stay tuned. Camber is something that both looks good when executed to the right angle and can be used to set a car up for better handling (Obviously not the pic above!). But where would you draw the line? Some people can someone say that enough is enough……


What the Fuck Wednesday: Face /off

Many of you recognize this picture straight away, others probably wont. To cut a long story short, this picture is for the film face off. Basically John Travolta and Nicholas Cage manage to get their faces swapped around.. anyways check that out in your spare time its kind of funny. Your thinking: What does all this have to do with cars? Well for a few years now we have been saving random pictures of cars which have had some sort of face. In here are the good the bad and the ugly of face/off car’s. We decided to get them all together instead of laughing at someones bad body kitted car for a change… oh wait some cars in here are bad body kitted cars. Oh no! Continue Reading

Web Mining: Streeto

Forgot to stick this up a few weeks ago, I guess its never too late

Web Mining: Eddie Murphy and the ST182

Damn this is hilarious. Don’t you just want one after hearing Eddie talk about the “super super styling”… haha

Titan in Japan: NSX Meet

Ryo from Titan Auto Works managed to snap some cool pics at an NSX meet in the Gunma prefecture about two hours from Tokyo. A car that is regarded as one of Japans true proper sports cars. Its Also a car that is very rare on our shores. Check out some of the snaps.


What the Fuck Wednesday: What the fuck?

Untitled from greg deese on Vimeo.


Beep – The little green KP61


Many people have affection towards the kp series starlet in Ireland. Mostly due to the fact they were one of a rare breed of rear wheel drive hatchbacks from the late 70’s and early 80’s which made them extremely popular in rallying and hot rodding due to their FR layout which along with rust was one of the main reasons these cars disappeared, well that and the evil scrappage scheme. Most examples around Ireland have the usual superlites and mudflaps so it’s always nice to see a properly done version from the motherland.